Hemp House

Project Partners
Architect - D’Ambrosio Architecture and Urbanism / Bo|form Architecture
Interior Design - D’Ambrosio Architecture and Urbanism

Our Involvement

Project Scope

In 2020, Rannala Freeborn Construction was chosen to collaborate with D’Ambrosio Architecture and Urbanism and Blackwell Engineering to build a home with walls and foundation primarily consisting of hemp-based building blocks.

The home was built for forward-thinking clients with an informed sensitivity to global warming who were eager to build a home that would demonstrate a smaller environmental footprint on their beautiful, treed acreage.

The home was mainly built with a product called “Just Bio Fibre” – hemp blocks that are a sustainable, organic building material regionally grown and manufactured.

In addition to the hemp block wall construction, the project includes a 20,000 gallon rainwater collections system, gray water reclamation, solar panelled roof and geo-thermal heating.

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